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Hockey» United States» NHL - Playoffs 1 X 2 B
5/28/2019 at 00:00 Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues
2.06 » 2.05
4/10 (40%)
3.81 » 3.82
2/10 (20%)
2.86 » 2.91
1/10 (10%)
2.06 » 2.05
4/10 (40%)
3.81 » 3.82
2/10 (20%)
2.86 » 2.91
1/10 (10%)
1St. Louis Blues19122757:48926
2Boston Bruins17121557:332425
3San Jose Sharks201011058:66-821
4Carolina Hurricanes1581739:42-317
5Dallas Stars1372635:30516
6Colorado Avalanche1270535:31414
7Columbus Blue Jackets1061430:25513
8New York Islanders841419:1909
9Vegas Golden Knights732425:2328
10Washington Capitals731420:21-17
11Toronto Maple Leafs730417:23-66
12Nashville Predators621412:18-65
13Winnipeg Jets620416:1604
14Calgary Flames512411:17-64
15Pittsburgh Penguins40146:14-81
16Tampa Bay Lightning40048:19-110
1St. Louis Blues1052526:26012
2Boston Bruins961331:201113
3San Jose Sharks1170439:34514
4Carolina Hurricanes750223:131010
5Dallas Stars630317:1526
6Colorado Avalanche540118:1178
7Columbus Blue Jackets530213:1216
8New York Islanders42128:715
9Vegas Golden Knights321112:575
10Washington Capitals431117:987
11Toronto Maple Leafs31029:12-32
12Nashville Predators31027:9-22
13Winnipeg Jets30036:9-30
14Calgary Flames31127:8-13
15Pittsburgh Penguins20022:7-50
16Tampa Bay Lightning20024:9-50
1St. Louis Blues970231:22914
2Boston Bruins860226:131312
3San Jose Sharks931619:32-137
4Carolina Hurricanes831516:29-137
5Dallas Stars742318:15310
6Colorado Avalanche730417:20-36
7Columbus Blue Jackets531217:1347
8New York Islanders420211:12-14
9Vegas Golden Knights411313:18-53
10Washington Capitals30033:12-90
11Toronto Maple Leafs42028:11-34
12Nashville Predators31125:9-43
13Winnipeg Jets320110:734
14Calgary Flames20124:9-51
15Pittsburgh Penguins20124:7-31
16Tampa Bay Lightning20024:10-60


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